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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

They're Here!

The 12 Days of Christmas Swap gifties have arrived! I am drooling over all of the delicious packaging. Our host Annie (also known as curbsidetreasure) was smart enough to include an extra gift that we could all open immediately--that way we are less tempted to open gifts early! She gave us tons of paper ephemera and little bobbles, perfect for this motley crew of altered artists! We don't get to open our 1st gift until Sunday and I have to practically sit on my hands to keep away from the little basket of treasures!


CattyCat said...

I would have joined in this if I'd known about it. Is it on AFA? Sounds like a lot of fun.

katilady said...

Yep, it's on AFA. There is actually 3 or 4 of these swaps on AFA now. All I think are in their final stages, but I bet it gets repeated next year!

Amy L Sargent said...

i am SOOO excited, too! mine are all set out; i can't wait to open the first one! mine's #3 . . . i am almost as tickled for everyone to open my gift up on tuesday!

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