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Saturday, July 24, 2010

monochromatic 4x4 pick-a-theme

i recently hosted a swap at www.illustratedatcs.com that was a monochromatic 4x4 PAT. what the heck? basically as folks signed up they were put in groups of 6 and asked to pick a color. they then had to make a 4x4 piece of art for everyone in their group in the colors people had chosen. here is the art for my group:

turquoise for eraserqueen

cobalt blue for coffeelatte

red for nicci

red for cindyjob

orange for amerasu

next time i will share the beautiful art i received in return!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

summer garden week 3

my sweet little container garden has grown much since i first posted pics. i had to harvest some lettuce (red sails) after i took these pics cause they were running out of room!

the herbs are growing like crazy and i added a strawberry plant.

the hollyhocks (back row) are starting to take off too!

i've added another strawberry container and the medium pot will hopefully contain poppies when the sprout!

who else is gardening this summer? any container gardeners? how goes it?

Monday, July 5, 2010


i was in old town on saturday because the art supply store had an announcement that they were getting rid of shelving and displays for free by their dumpster. lucky me found some fantastic holders for my markers. originally made for pencils, they'll suit my markers just fine. and they were free!

across the street form the art supply store is st. vinnies. now like all modern women i enjoy thrifting now and again. but truth be told, i really hadn't much luck at thrift stores in the area. they are heavily picked over or way to pricey! i mean st. vinnies was selling 1980's particle board dressers for $30 + which is ridiculous in my book. but! saturday was my lucky day. i found 3 beautiful glass bottles, that look to be vintage, for under $10 for all 3. i quickly snagged them up before some other shopper could.

my last set of finds happened in the book section. i am into books on many levels. 1, i am an avid reader and am always looking for interesting books for cheap or free. saturday i found 4 readable books ofr $.75 a piece, score! the other way i am into books is artistically. i like to use the text of old books for found poetry and i like to alter the books themselves. i found 2 vintage hardback childrens books in stellar condition that i can use for both. i can remove some of the pages to have room for altering and i can use those pages for found poetry, another score!

all in all, i spent less than $20 and got some great finds. what did you score this weekend?

check out southern hospitality and apron thrift girl for more thrifting finds!
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