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Saturday, January 30, 2010

these crazy days

just when you think you can put your feet up and smoke a fat one (kidding folks!) life throws a pie in your face and you have a big mess to clean up. so. i got evicted. and no, it wasn't cause i forgot to pay my rent. my landlord decided he wanted to move a friend into MY apartment. except it isn't mine, not anymore.

i feel a bit bereft, and even though i have until mid march to find a new place, i feel...homeless. as if this is no longer my home. so i am on a search for better and brighter digs. and i think i have found a place. maybe. they still need to check my references. it's a 1 bedroom in an old victorian. the living room is more of a parlor that opens up into to the bedroom with a sliding pocket door. it has a wood floored hallway that you walk into when opening the front door, it is wide enough to put a desk and chair in it. to the left is an eat in kitchen with a bay window and a dishwasher (glee!), to the right is the living room with another bay window. past the kitchen on the left there is the bathroom with washer and dryer hookups (anyone in humboldt getting rid of a washer and dryer?). straight ahead is the door to the bedroom.

so it won't be until early next week that i hear if it's officially mine. until then keep your fingers crossed, light a candle, pray to angels--whatever it is you do. many thanks!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

ATC Progression

wow, over a month without a post. i am a baaaaaaaaad blogger. the holidays got away with me what with all those gift swaps to complete. i did end up scoring some rather wonderful art!

on www.illustratedatcs.com a thread was started about how ones art can and will progress through years of making atc's. folks were posting cards from the beginning of their atc career until now. i thought i'd do the same.

i've only been making atc's since early in 2008, but this is a good 2 years worth of progress. i've definitely started playing more with layers, therefore more depth in later pieces!

what were your 1st atc's like? did you have any idea what you were doing? do they make you cringe now?

and what are they like now? how do you feel about the progress you have made?

i dare ya'll to post in your blogs your atc progressions. please comment with a link if you do!
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