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Sunday, January 10, 2010

ATC Progression

wow, over a month without a post. i am a baaaaaaaaad blogger. the holidays got away with me what with all those gift swaps to complete. i did end up scoring some rather wonderful art!

on www.illustratedatcs.com a thread was started about how ones art can and will progress through years of making atc's. folks were posting cards from the beginning of their atc career until now. i thought i'd do the same.

i've only been making atc's since early in 2008, but this is a good 2 years worth of progress. i've definitely started playing more with layers, therefore more depth in later pieces!

what were your 1st atc's like? did you have any idea what you were doing? do they make you cringe now?

and what are they like now? how do you feel about the progress you have made?

i dare ya'll to post in your blogs your atc progressions. please comment with a link if you do!


EdensRainbow said...

(Dude, the randomly generated security word to post a comment was hymen. How funny is that?)

It really is neat to see art progress like that. And thank you for sharing! I love seeing your work.

I haven't really been doing atcs long enough to see much of a progression. But I like looking at the few mixed media cards I've done, and seeing all the things I still have to learn and all the new things I can try. It's such a fun journey! And going through all my old sketchbooks is always uplifting. Whenever I get the drawing blues, that's what I do. :)

katilady said...

i would love to see a progression of your mixed media work in like a year laurie. i bet you'd see a lot of change, cause you're already good at it!

cindy said...

Ha HA...I love random security words and got Spermiz the other day...the best part it was in really wiggly letters!

SInce I just started making ATCs I do not think I have a lot of progress, except it finally occurred to me to write people's addresses down :)

I really am a collage moron...I hope eventually to get that under control since I love all the ones I see other people doing!

That Teesha swap kicked my sorry glue bothered ass for sure!

nicci said...

wow... this is the first atc i ever made: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicciwashere/597451178/in/set-72157600445022633/ back in ... gosh. 2000ish. when folded, it's 3.5x2.5 inches. pigma micron on vellum. =D

the most recent are some watercolor faces which i still have to upload. =D i just got more layer-y.

Marline said...

OMG. Tomorrow I'll scan my VERY first ATC for you and post it on my blog. You'll die laughing. Well DON'T die, but maybe pee your pants a little???? My work has changed/progressed vastly. You won't believe the same person made these ATCs. I must get to bed, but tomorrow the laughs are on me...

Marline said...

Go to my blog and see my "progression" too funny!

Cheeka said...

LOL - what's funny Kati is that 2008 was when I started too and I was terrified of YOU - so talented and amazing and I was mortified and scared to ask you to trade and when I think of that stuff now I just have to laugh! So if you threw one of mine away - I don't care! Love you!

ps - my random word is intapubi - snicker

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