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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12 Days of Christmas DAY 10 & Sad Kitty News

I will start with the sad kitty news so I can close with something happier. I took Atticus to the vet yesterday to discover that his bladder was completely blocked. This often happens with male kitties (and occasionally female ones too), and the risk is that their bladders can back up and cause kidney damage. That, unfortunately, is what happened to my beloved boy. They say I caught it early but that he still had remarkable kidney damage and they are unsure if he will recover. They would like to keep him hospitalized a few more days but I simply can't afford it. So today I pick him up and learn how to give him subcutaneous fluids (meaning under his skin). He also has a raging infection, is in a fair amount of pain, and is refusing to eat. Cats when they don't eat often start using their stored body fat which can lead to a fatty liver which is deadly for kitties. So it looks like I will have to force feed him as well. I am hoping once he is in his home environment he will want to eat. I have quite a job ahead of me and I do it gladly for my sweet boy, but he and I could sure use your prayers if you are the praying type. Many thanks.

In happier news, I opened a fantastic gift from KatieV today! Using her binding machine she made each of us our own ATC holder! Here's mine:

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