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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I love presents. LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE! I love getting them (see the last few posts), I love giving them, and I adore making them! A few posts down I showed a WIP of a painting that I made for the wonderful Laurie, here is the finished piece:

I gave it to her last Sunday and I loved hearing her swoon. She was especially enamored with the little kitty and agreed that it looked like Minou.

For my friends Natalie and Cheeka I went a simpler route. I took store bought, plain wooden hearts and altered them. When I was done gussying them up I drilled holes in then and added a wire hanger. Here is Cheeka's (she is a self-identified jesus freak) sans drilling and hanger:

I love how the crackle paint turned out (an experiment really) and I love how the gold paint seems to be emanating from jesus's head.

For Natalie I went a little darker in both color and theme. Natalie is in to earthy colors and has dark sensibilities about her. Imagine hippy goth only way cool. Here is what I did for her:

The words say: Let the fire of my body propel and warm me and let each darkness reveal it's plentitude. I wish I had said that, but a poets whose name I forget said it.

As this season draws to an end I am thankful for the opportunity I took to make those I love something special. They aren't magnificent gifts, but they are a little piece of me. /cheesiness.

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Anonymous said...

your hearts are soo cool - like your susie blu too.

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