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Saturday, June 19, 2010

knitted creations

a couple of weeks ago i started a knitting class with my friends laurie and natalie at college of the redwoods community education program. i absolutely love it! our teacher paula is kind and patient, and has the best stories. and the class affords me a couple of hours each week with my girlfriends.

our 1st project was to make a seamed hat--more of a winter cap. i used merino wool in some lovely colors for my 1st hat. it's made using a garter stitch and is super easy to do.

so easy in fact, that i made a 2nd hat so i could continue practicing. this hat is done i blues, teals, and purples. i am not sure who i am going to give it to, but the 1st hat will go to my niece thea.

i went to northcoast knittery today, for world knit day and got some help with my 2nd project--a coffee cup sleeve. it's much harder for me as it is knitted in the round and i get confused easily. if anyone has any tips for me i'd love to hear them!


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. i'm usually a cold-weather knitter, keeping my hands busy in the garden through the warmer months. but posts like this get my fingers itching to pick up the needles again. i just got some new needles today and i have a feeling they'll have a new project on them tonight...

as for knitting in the round, not sure how to help. but keeping a ring marker at the start of the round helps me keep track. good luck!


Janet said...

Both of your hats are beautiful. I love the colors. As for knitting, I can do it as long as I'm going in a straight line like a scarf! That's all I've ever managed to knit. Do you read Crazy Aunt Purl? She has a lot of knitting advice on her blog.

katilady said...

oooh! thanks ladies. i have tried a stitch marker, what got me was the 3 double pointed needles!

thanks for the crazy aunt purl tip, i've gotta check her out!

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