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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

apologies my friends!

i am so sorry i have been absent for a bit but i do have several good excuses:
1) i suffer from bipolar disorder and have had to deal with some mood swings
2) then i went out of town to play with artsy friends for my bday
3) and a few days after that my mom and niece came to town
4) and to top it all off i got into a car accident with my niece--never fear, we are alright--although my car isn't drivable at the moment.

i hope you all can understand my absence. i forced myself to keep creating during even the bleakest times and made lots of art with my niece thea which was delightful!

thea at the beach in trinidad, ca:

inchies thea made, which are for trade BTW:

butterfly chunky for swap i am hosting at amusing muses:

my mom, dotdots, at a birthday party friends held for me:

collaboration canvas made during artsy trip to redding, ca. background was by me, sun by joyflower, pretty girl by nuttynanner, and collage with mean words by amyfaerie:


Amy L Sargent said...

yay! kati! i do have to say that the series of tags you've assigned to this post is eclectic . . . and struck me as hilarious. i am SO glad you and thea were okay [and thea is gorgeous, btw!]

katilady said...

i am glad someone noticed the tags, i was so trying to be funny. and thank you on behalf of thea. she is stunning, just like her mom (my sis).

Jenn Klee said...

That butterfly chunky is cool! and I'm SO jealous you gals got to get together to have fun.

Cheryl said...

The tags ARE funny - what a combo!

I'm so glad you and Thea are okay! Adorable photo of her. :)

Had so much fun meeting you.


EraserQueen said...

Hey, it's cool to see your blog! This is Eraserqueen by the way :D Your niece is so cute and talented!

katilady said...

thanks ya'll!

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

Why hello, hello! Why don't you pop on over to my blog...I bet you find a surprise waiting for you!

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