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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

kitty love!

i last mentioned my 2 loves over a year ago when atticus (black kitty) was sick. he is still going strong, but as older cats do, he is becoming scrawny. he is 13 this year. elke (grey love muffin) is HUGE! she must way over 10 pounds! they are the loves of my life and are co-workers extraordinaire in the studio. elke loves to climb on the table and perch there like a queen. atticus has a special spot on top of my paper bin--it allows him to survey the world out the front window.

i wanted to take the time to introduce the 2 to ya'll again. i haven't spoken of then often, but the are my comrades and the world would be dull indeed without their mischief.


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Elke and Atticus are too cute! Would love to go and play with you guys but I'd have to be in a Benadryl induced coma to get anywhere close to your fur babies (frown)

I just love your art...simply amazing! I've been scrolling and being nosey for a moment and I just love your personality. Actually, you had me at your profile...I was already in love with you! :)))))

katilady said...

*blush* thanks jodie! how awesome of you to say that! you just made my day!!!

Gina-B said...

Two very fine kitties indeed!

katilady said...

thanks gina! they are spoiled brats, but i adore them!

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