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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Message In A Bottle!

WOOT! At gomakesomething.com there is a fabulous challenge going on. Called Message in a Bottle, the idea is that you sign up to take part and you will receive a plastic water bottle in the mail (yep, that's right!) filled with all sorts of goodies! Well, I signed up awhile ago and have been constantly checking to see if my name was among the ones of folks who were being sent bottles. I never saw my name on the list, but somehow, as if by magic, a bottle appeared this afternoon! Loaded with goodies all for me! In the bottle was scrapbooking paper, vintage ephemera, a hand carved stamp, a hand made book mark, beads and other fun things! Check out the photos! If you are interested in this challenge click on the gomakesomething link above!


lisavollrath said...

Look for the address labels you were sent---there are probably four of them in your bottle. The person who sent you the bottle is probably the person whose adress label appears twice.

Aren't I clever, to arrange things that way?

katilady said...

LOL! I wish it were that easy! They only sent 1 address label!

Nancy said...

Yippee Yay! Got my first bottle, and also recruited a girlfriend into bottling (yay, K.G.!)! Fabulous filling, Capt. Kati. This is the coolest art mail EVA!

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