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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Art and Dead Babies

So anyone who knows me knows I am into 'dark' art. So silly sounding when I type it out, but the truth is I like to delve into the macabre on occasion. One such occasion arose when a chunky book swap was held on my fave site atcsforall.com. The theme: Trick or Treat! What a better time to get a little creepy than a Halloween theme? So I went ALL out! This meant using mourning photos, which are real photos of dead people. That's right, they are dead and someone took a photo of them! The photos are from the victorian era and many of them are of babies. Creepy, right? Perfect for Halloween? So i thought. Until I posted pics of the chunky pages and received some strong reactions! Seems some folks don't like pics of dead babies. I can't imagine why not! I attempted to be respectful with my art, but at the same time I was def going for creepy. So, I'll let you be the judge. Did I cross the line?

1 comment:

Cheeka said...

I had actually read the comments about the dead baby card in question, but never saw it - I don't think it's offensive at all. It is sad, true, but (sorry) not so much creepy as melancholy - dreams lost before they began, ya know?

You are so dang deep - stop it! C'mon, now, come sit in Cheeka's lap and tell me a story...

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