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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Love Givin'

I decided that as part of my new blog I would give some love to other artisans. You'll notice on the right hand side of my blog some linky-poos. Those all go to artists and crafters and I am going to pick one a week or maybe more to give a review of! So this week I have chosen: an'a'mano. This girl's work is quirky, zany and a little creepy...right up my alley. But let's not forget it is also well done creepy! She sews, she draws, she paints. Lot's of talent with this one ya'll! Check out her little doll's! I am particularly smitten with Alaric the Alien. She includes brief bits of his family history which I find fascinating! I mean, who knew an alien doll would even have a family history? Check an'a'mano out and give her some of your love!


decadentdiamond said...

wow! I love it, I've hearted one of them!

katilady said...

They're great, aren't they?

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