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Sunday, November 15, 2009

drawing like a fiend

as some of you know my mom is an amazing illustrator, and my brother is also not half bad. i, unfortunately, didn't inherit that particular gene though. BUT, i want to draw and i want to be good at it. i want to be able to have an image in my head and the ability to reproduce without having to search all over for an approximate image to collage. i want to create my vision, entirely myself, without adding other images.

here's the thing: drawing is fucking HARD! i look at some illustrations and i can't even fathom how the person did it--it confounds me. and when i try to do it, it doesn't look quite the same, lol. but, when i am in the process of drawing, i lose myself and that's a nice thing too. so. this weekend i challenged myself by drawing a hole heck of a lot. here are some of the results:


SeekingForArt said...

these are pretty good! I think it's all matter of practice. That's what I've been doing... I'm much better at collage but I really want to draw and be good at it! :)

katilady said...

thanks martha! and me too. i am much better at collage. i am practicing quite a bit and i hope it pays off.

EdensRainbow said...

Kati, your work is leaps and bounds ahead of where I started. Seriously! I should pull out some of my old high school work and show it off with some humble pie. Take it from me, practicepracticepractice is where it's at. Honest.

(Also, your style is phenomenal and I love your hand drawn work. Just keep on keeping on, you'll get where you want to be. ^-^)

katilady said...

laurie you are a dollface! i'd love to see some of your high school work!

i def need to practice more and i need someone to force me to draw the things that scare me--like hands, lol.

katilady said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cheeka said...

Okay - LOVE! Especially lil red riding hood or whoever she is!

Molossus said...

These are lovely. They've got good composition, the color's work with each other, and the elements have a touch of mystery that makes the work intriguing. I suspect you are judging your work by what you were expecting instead of for what it is.

Have you tried zentangles? I've always hated my own work. It was never what I saw in my head. With zens, there is no expectation. Instead, you surprise yourself and can enjoy your work for what it is and not what you were hoping for. Along the way, you can find out what your 'style' is.

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