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Saturday, October 10, 2009

artTrader Online Magazine

You might've noticed the new little icon on my blog. it's for a cool little online magazine called artTrader. the magazine is about art and trading 9of course!) and is full of great articles from interviews with artists to a critique corner. the mag comes out quarterly and is absolutely free. click on the icon to find out more about it or if you want to go directly to the latest issue click here!

i am proud to point out that 2 of my pieces grace the pages of this current issue--one of my moleskine spreads and a butterfly atc. the issue also contains a tutorial on making paper beads from my friend amy sargent and an intro to art markers by amerasu (sal scheibe). there are tons of delicious eye candy to behold and it's a great way to stay current with the new trends in mail art. anyway, i highly recommend perusing it's pages!

1 comment:

roc said...

congratulations on your publication! i am so proud of you. your artwork looks just terrific!

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