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Monday, June 22, 2009


In the mail art world keeping addresses of your trading partners can be quite the hassle. I don't know how many times I have asked the same person for their address. Not too long ago I gave into the rolo fad. What's a rolo you ask? It's a rolodex card (the 3x5 variety) that has been decorated front and back and has your trading partners address on them. A clever and arty way to keep track of addresses. Since I am new to rolo's I only have a handful--but they are gorgeous! Some people have several rolodex's worth! People have even gone so far as decorationg their rolordexes. My rolodex is of the vintage variety, so I am not going to decorate it. The creativity people have shown with both the cards and the holders is flipping amazing! Here are a few cards I have made for other folks:

Here are some awesome rolodexes by folks at www.atcsforall.com:

By BlueEclipse

By LisaB:

By Adriayna:

By BigKay:

1 comment:

Kaytee said...

So that's what a ROLO is!!! I saw the word on ATCsForAll and had no idea what they were! But then again I didn't even know what inchies were either before I joined! I might have to get on the Rolo bandwagon!

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